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Since our inception in a small Spanish orchard over 60 years ago, Munoz Group has grown into a diversified group of global businesses which enjoy a high degree of autonomy in the running of their operations.

Still family owned, we are continually growing and have a plan to grow our group turnover to €1.5bn by 2020. 

Our Global Locations

From South Africa to China, North America to Australia, South America to Europe, our global reach holds something for everyone.

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Our ‘family’ includes some of the biggest and brightest brains in the business. 

We are a major player in one of the world’s most demanding food markets. We supply the biggest UK supermarkets with a range of fruit, flowers, juice & ice cream. As well as superb products, MMUK delivers the sort of innovation & creativity that gives the UK retailers their leading-edge reputation.
AMT Fruit was created with the sole purpose of servicing Tesco’s unique needs. By utilising our expertise, we provide Tesco with a customised supply chain solution.
As the UK’s biggest and best flower distributor, it’s no surprise that our love of flowers drives us to know everything we can about them. We work with the best growers around the world developing deeply integrated partnerships to remain the leader in this product area.
We are growing fast – and gaining a fantastic reputation amongst major Spanish retailers. We like a challenge, and ours is to make sure that Spanish consumers can buy great fruit and flowers all year round. So we scour the world, finding the best in each season.

AMC North America delivers fresh fruit to the North American market through their innovative breeding, farming, packing and supply chain models.  We service our customers with year-round supplies of the very best varieties of citrus, grapes and other fruits.

AMC Fresh Deutschland is the youngest subsidiary of the Munoz Group, run by experts with many years of experience in the fruit and vegetable industry.

As a trading company, it specialises in sales and distribution of fresh produce in the German, Austrian and Swiss retail market and delivers directly to its customers.

AMC South Africa breed, farm and pack a variety of fruits, supplying all our blue chip retail partners around the globe either directly or through our group family businesses.

Farming & Packing

The roots of the business – our growing & packing resources

With sites in warm and sunny places throughout the world, we are not just enjoying the weather, but farming, packing and sourcing the sweetest, juiciest fruit and the biggest, most beautiful blooms.

For nearly 80 years we have been cultivating the finest fresh fruit in Spain. As we have grown, our growing resources have grown and we now grow in South Africa, USA, Israel, Peru and Chile. Our plantations are located where the microclimates offer the best growing and harvesting conditions for the varieties that we produce.

Our packing and distribution centres of fresh produce are located in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, USA, Chile, Peru, Israel, Kenya and South Africa.

Our success is the result of an intelligent combination of our team’s experience and expertise with the capabilities of our state-of-the-art machinery, such as the colorimetric sorter-grader, which enables the separation of fruit by colour, and production lines used exclusively for fruit that has had no treatment after it has been harvested.

Our facilities and their production methods are certified and comply with the strictest regulations such as IFS (International Food Standards), which are recognised by the major global retailers.


Americas & Africa

Our Products

Our product portfolio has grown from our original citrus orchard and we are now the leading supplier across a selection of complementary products. We are continually investing in our range and our innovation programmes.









Genesis Innovation Group works closely with top international breeders and financially supports their activity in order to develop new and exceptional varieties. We also have our own breeding programs based on a diverse gene-pool of parental varieties which are selected to create truly unique cultivars.


Doing the right thing – working for a sustainable environment 

We all know the rain in Spain (and other parts of the world) does not always fall where & when it’s needed!

Our respect for nature is part of everything we do. This is demonstrated through our production techniques which are adapted to comply with the strictest regulations, thus minimising the impact on the environment.

All our products are heavily dependent on temperature and water – two significant issues of the 21st century.

We are making ideas that might have once seemed a pipe dream, become a reality. For example, we are cultivating fruit trees that naturally resist pesticides, use less water to grow, or absorb more CO2 from the air so reducing their carbon footprint.

We want our legacy to be a sweeter world for future generations.

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